About us


It is not impossible to reach the Absolute Zero degree which is -273.15 c as there is no lower degree than it in the globe.
However, it is the best degree to save quality for the longest time,
Therefore we choose this degree as an inspiration for us to create the most quality brand.
We in Absolute ZERO, decide that our brand will be the heart of Quality food and beverage (Hot and Cold). Staring with coffee hot and cold, then moving to mojitos with specially selected side food items. Now we are keeping the letters of ZERO as an explanation of our target.

Zero complains
Enthusiastic service
Rapid delivery
0n going success


The Absolute Zero Cafe established in 2017, Dubai by 3 Partners, and it is the right stop for hot and iced coffee lovers and unique food bites. Absolute Zero is the place which recreates the past way of Emirati life. We offer the exclusive version of hot & iced coffee using special coffee beans, different varieties of exotic food, and new types of mojitos. Absolute Zero targets to be the best competition in the market by adopting unique strategies.

We strive to provide premium quality in each cup of hot and iced coffee to the customers while keeping the quality of food competitive and unbeatable. Focus is on supplying quality, reasonable, and superiority in all of our products; Absolute Zero uses only the premium coffee beans. Wide varieties of food items to increase the customer base in the Dubai market. We aim to be a leader in the coffee and food industry by promising to serve a culture of the consistent best quality, excellence, integrity, and passion for all the things brewed.

We believe that customer satisfaction is the primary responsibility, and we continuously work to provide superior services 24-7 for maintaining a strong relationship. Retaining the existing and attracting the new clienteles in the market is our foremost mission, and for this, we have adopted the strategy of instant delivery of the product.